MUT cadets succeed during international sports challenge, Hamburg, Germany

Three MUT cadets: sergeant Sła­womir Kurza­w­ińs­ki and mas­ter cor­po­rals Bartłomiej War­muz and Radosław War­muz, who rep­re­sent the MUT Water Land Air Orga­ni­za­tion and the S3 MUT Para­chut­ing Sec­tion, won the first prize dur­ing the Mil­i­tary Shoot­ing and Sport Chal­lenge (MSSC) between 21 – 26 July in Ham­burg, Ger­many. 12 coun­tries which took part in the event were: Poland, Ger­many, Fin­land, Roma­nia, The Czech Repub­lic, Slo­va­kia, Den­mark, Great Britain, Croa­t­ia, Lithua­nia, Latvia, the Nether­lands.

MSSC is very high­ly regard­ed at the mil­i­tary inter­na­tion­al are­na because of the wide vari­ety and the high lev­el of dif­fi­cul­ty of over 20 sports events. The whole chal­lenge was strict­ly mil­i­tary and includ­ed e.g. Cross Fit, shoot­ing, run­ning, Mil­i­tary Fit­ness, mil­i­tary obsta­cle course, sports swim­ming. Hav­ing won the tro­phies, our cadets also earned the Ger­man mil­i­tary phys­i­cal fit­ness and shoot­ing badges.

2nd Lt. Paweł Jaśkiewicz, M.A.
pho­tog­ra­ph­er: sierż. pchor. Sła­womir Kurza­w­ińs­ki